Sandra Page

Sandra Page

Elect Sandra Page

My grandparents are late Frank Paige Sr. & Mary. My father is the late Frank Paige Jr. and my mother is Ida Paige.

I was born and raised here on reserve, Boys Road sub division. I am running for Council because I Believe there Must be CHANGE in Leadership before our Community issues improve.

Our Cowichan People need to be treated with respect. The jobs should be available to our members first. Why do we stand by and allow our leaders to make the same decisions that hurt our people socially and financially?

We must Vote for new Members who will bring new ideas and action to the table that finds results our Community would support.

Open the doors of communication. Do not just come to us when you need our Vote for a Referendum or to count our heads for dollars. I ask for your vote and trust in me to deliver results with like minded members who also want Change.

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Download Sandra’s flier here.