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Patti Williams for Tribes Council

Patti Williams for Tribes Council

On November 29th, 2011 there is an “Opportunity” to make Changes with our Leadership for our Quw’utsun peoples on and off Reserve. We all want our Basic needs to be addressed and more positive and productive results from Our Dollars that we place in Trust with Chief & Council.

If you want responsible governance with open and accountable policies, which are governed fairly across the board, then your vote for me will place that Voice at the table.

As a S’amuna mother and grandmother, I would like to see a self-sufficient community that governs itself in Good Faith” and supports our way of life. Our Generations to Come will need us to protect their future Lands & Culture so they may walk as Quw’utsun Peoples. What are we handing down to them?

It is our job to protect and preserve for the next 7 generations. Every decision needs thorough deliberation, consultation and Elders’ input when needed. Working as a Quw’utsun team can bring the results we want and need for our community.

Now is the time for Action, we cannot idly wait any longer, our community is suffering and the lack of good Business judgment, and budget over expenditures without accountability, is halting improvements for our people. We must take into consideration the failures our community has had to tolerate and Pay For over the last 8 years.

This Must Change, and there is a group of Determined, Capable new candidates that want to ensure our Rights, Culture and Assets are protected! New Leaders will bring a re-energized, insightful outlook for our people. We ask you for your support and two years to prove our dedication with positive results.

Past leadership decisions have placed us in an outrageous multi-million dollar Debt. Your vote for me and for my fellow concerned members can change the Direction of our Future. Please view our Website @ http://www.tysm2011.wordpress.com for more information, and contact me at: tm_1@live.ca for any questions you may have, respect for all Quw’utsun Voices is needed.
Huy tseep q u Siem

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