About Debra Toporowski

Debra Toporowski for Cowichan Tribes Council

Debra Toporowski for Cowichan Tribes Council

I was born and raised in the Cowichan Valley. My Grandparents are late Stephen Jack and late Rosie Peter of Quamichan. My mother is Ethel Jack and my father is Howard Wong.

I have volunteered on campaigns federally and provincially. I have gained experience working with all levels of government through my work in the MLA’s office, as a Constituency Assistant.

Over the years I have received a lot of knowledge from our Elders. I have been approached by several Elders from the community to run for Council.

Some of the issues that I hear about are:

  • the lack of communication between on/off reserve members
  • the lack of hope in our community, especially with the young people
  • Housing issues on/off reserve, the waiting lists are just too long, people becoming homeless due to house fires on reserve.

If elected, I will make myself accessible to the Cowichan Tribes members.

  • Improve the connection with all levels of government.
  • Bring a different point of view to the council table.
  • Create hope for our community especially the young people, by empowering them to get involved.

What I can do:

Provide members information and assistance with:

  • Provincial Government Ministries
  • Federal office
  • Local Government
  • Ministry of Social Development (Welfare)

View my full flier here.

I believe everyone’s voice matters! Please support me. Vote Debra Toporowski on November 29, 2011