Nov. 2011 Election Results

Harvey Alphonse 322
Lydia Hwitsum 280
Stephanie Charlie 253
Shelley Thorne 185
Calvin Swustus 121
Kevin Thorne 32
Joseph Lambert 24
Samuel Wilson 24

Darin George 433
Calvin Swustus 403
Chip Seymour 370
Cindy Daniels 365
Dora Wilson 346
Chuck Seymour 338
Joseph Albie Charlie 338
Arvid Charlie 333
Stephanie Charlie 331
Lester Joe 321
Diane Daniels 312
Diane Modeste 298


About shelly.thorne

I am currently running for the elected position of Chief of Cowichan Tribes. My family has resided on Somena lands these many years. My parents were the late Mary and Jim Thorne and My grandparents were the late Chuck and Evelyn Thorne. I believe I have the education, the practical experience, the technical ability and the passion to create positive change for my community.
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