Free Tickets to the Capitals Game tonight!

To All Youth out there. I have 4 tickets to tonight’s game between the Capitals and the Victoria Grizzlies.

The first youth to come on gets the tickets. I am going out for a few hours and will check in later today. I can drop them off to you if you like. These were courtesy of Mark Thomas, who gave to me and my daughter but she is staying in Victoria tonight.

Youth have really begun to be involved in this campaign. I am proud of our group for inviting youth to attend meetings, share their views, get involve in reaching out to other youth.

It has been amazing and we need to make the move to introducing this as part of the process of not only chief and council but also at the administrative level of all the programs of Cowichan Tribes (like Education, housing, lands and Governance, health, Child and family services).


About Tzouhalem

"Our People Come First" I am running for the position of Chief of the Cowichan Tribes. Nine others are running for the position of councillor. We are working for change, for transparency and for all of our people, not just the privileged few.
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