Community Engagement

Cowichan Elder

It is my strong belief that there are so many Elders in our community both on and off reserve whose knowledge we would really benefit from.

Our Elder numbers are not so great that we could not reach them. Our perspective would be that much stronger with the perspective of more of our Elders. I look forward to building those connections with our Elders who are not currently being engaged.

Our community is at a cross-roads in history. We have an opportunity to change the future for the better. It will require deciding that what has been done to date is not enough.

It will require stepping out of the comfort zone and electing a new approach, new thinking, based on those who have the best skills to bring this community out of the poverty, suffering, and loss of hope.



About Tzouhalem

"Our People Come First" I am running for the position of Chief of the Cowichan Tribes. Nine others are running for the position of councillor. We are working for change, for transparency and for all of our people, not just the privileged few.
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