Justice and Safety

Our justice program is supposed to be addressing the violence in our community but so many do not feel safe in their own homes. Issues of violence in our neighbourhoods, youth violence, crime, drugs and alcohol issues that contribute to not feeling and not being safe.

There are program dollars for safety in our communities that we can apply for and nobody is applying for them. And we need our justice program to get out there and see our people.

What would you like to see our Justice Coordinator do to help the community?


About shelly.thorne

I am currently running for the elected position of Chief of Cowichan Tribes. My family has resided on Somena lands these many years. My parents were the late Mary and Jim Thorne and My grandparents were the late Chuck and Evelyn Thorne. I believe I have the education, the practical experience, the technical ability and the passion to create positive change for my community.
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One Response to Justice and Safety

  1. Salishgirl says:

    Awesome page. Thank you for the information !!

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