New Leaders, New Directions and a New Era for our Community

Cowichan River

Our River

We have seen it in the Middle East and North Africa, we have seen it in New York and all across America and in other parts of the world. And now we are seeing it in Canada. People all over the world are demanding a change from their governments.

It is time for Cowichan Tribes to run a They want their government that is open, transparent, honest. No longer will people stand idly by like sheep, while their governments raid their pockets and their bank accounts, leaving them homeless and without resources. The people of the Cowichan Tribes can also take action.

We want to see big changes in the way things are done. We want our chief and council to be accountable to the people they were elected to represent. This is just the first blog of many, leading up to the election in November and beyond. Please bookmark this site and come back often.


About Tzouhalem

"Our People Come First" I am running for the position of Chief of the Cowichan Tribes. Nine others are running for the position of councillor. We are working for change, for transparency and for all of our people, not just the privileged few.
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