Working for Change for the Cowichan Tribes

Shelley Thorne for Chief

Shelley Thorne for Chief


The Yul Shunum Mustimuhw is a group committed to bringing back transparency, accountability and honesty to the governance of the Cowichan Tribes.

Quw’utsun culture historically allowed for the sharing of ideas from all its members. Cowichan Community members want our government to listen, respect and accommodate our wants and needs through the improved delivery of services and programs of Cowichan Tribes administration. Health, housing, Education, lands and governance, Elders & youth programs, Child and Family Services and social development programs.

What Cowichan Tribes needs is

  • Responsible and responsive Government and Proper and respectful administration of services.
  • Policies that reinforce the goal to improve the quality of life of all Quwutsun Mustimuhw.
  • Collective decision-making regarding movement forward at both the administrative and governance level. Regular community engagement and input.
  • Full disclosure of incoming funds, including own source revenue and non targeted funding. ¬†We also have concerns about the lease money held in Capital Trust Account at AANDC.
  • We want full disclosure of information we are entitled to as stated in our comprehensive funding agreement for moneys transferred to Cowichan Tribes.
  • It is our right to expect FAIR and EQUITABLE treatment.

“It is Time for a Change. Don’t just hope for it, VOTE FOR IT! Vote SHELLEY THORNE for Chief!”

If you need to contact us, you may do so by emailing or calling us:

Shelley Thorne 250-597-4082 or
Patti Williams 250-746-4061

Shelley is running for the position of Chief of the Cowichan Tribes. Patti and eight others are running for the position of councillor. We are working for the betterment of all of our people, not just the privileged few.

“New Leaders New Direction for our Community”